Monday, March 14, 2011

Nars Turkish Delight Dupe

Ever had the nicest lip gloss that cost too much? That is how I feel with Nars Turkish Delight. I bought the lip gloss because of KimK herself. Even though I feel in love with the color I am not a big fan of the formula for Nars lip gloss. I only own Turkish Delight so I can't speak for all Nars glosses. It really sticky and smells quite odd but I love the look of it so I set out for a dupe. I found that Victoria's Secret's Innocent is just that.

Nars Turkish Delight- $24.00
Victoria's Secret Innocent- Can't remember $10-$14

Innocent on the left and Turkish Delight on the right

This is what Turkish Delight looks like alone. I would never use either lip gloss alone it looks much better layered on top of a lipstick.

This is what Innocent looks like on by itself. Again I would layer it on top of a pinkish lipstick or a nude.

I hope this helps! What great dupes have you found?


  1. I hate the way NARS lipgloss smell. I thought it was just me but I see Im not alone.

  2. Its not just you, anyone with a nose would say that!!!

  3. awesome dupe! they're almost identical from your swatches. now i have to hit up VS. ;) great blog btw


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